In 2004, a collaborative group called “Friends of Kalamazoo Dog Parks” was founded to plan and build a dog-friendly, off-leash area for dogs and their owners.

The result: a beautiful, quiet, inviting people and pet-friendly park. Through a collaboration of Fairmont Neighborhood, The City of Kalamazoo, MRC Industries, The Kalamazoo Humane Society, and volunteers we are working to achieve our primary goal. in Fairmont Park on Prairie Street in the Fairmont Neighborhood.

Kalamazoo’s first dog park features a fenced area for dogs off-leash, benches and picnic tables for humans, a dog watering hole, a separate small dog area and a “stoop and scoop” protocol.


*During the Winter Months the park lot will not be open.  Users must park on the street and access the park via the sidewalk.