In 2004, a collaborative group called “Friends of Kalamazoo Dog Parks” was founded to plan and build a dog-friendly, off-leash area for dogs and their owners.

Through a collaboration of Fairmont Neighborhood, The City of Kalamazoo, MRC Industries, The Kalamazoo Humane Society, and volunteers worked to achieve our primary goal. The result: a beautiful, quiet, pet-friendly park, Fairmont Park on Prairie Street in the Fairmont Neighborhood.

Kalamazoo’s first dog park features a fenced area for dogs off-leash, a watering hole and a  separate small dog area. For their humans; benches, picnic tables and a small pavilion are provided.  A “stoop and scoop” protocol is in effect.

*During the Winter Months the park lot will not be open.  Users must park on the street and access the park via the sidewalk.

Address: 1108 Prairie Ave.