The Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market invites you to walk along its vendor fronts with the perfume of local cherries in your nose. Set your sights on fleshy, fire-red tomatoes. Come celebrate local food with a caring community. Walk alongside your neighbors and friends, grab a handheld, handcrafted crepe and be part of the passion the market evokes.

Boost your pride in your city while you peruse a myriad of produce, crafts and goods by growers, retailers and artisans who, like you, call Kalamazoo home.

Do you hear that buzz downtown? Don’t just find out what it is, be a part of it.

The Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market is now run by the People’s Food Co-op.


1204 Bank Street, between Lake Street & Stockbridge Avenue off of Portage Rd.
People’s Food Co-op – 269-342-5686