Imagine an office where the ceiling above you is actually a wide open sky. Envision a career where you design and lead activities that bring people of all kinds together who share a love for fun outdoors. Enrich the lives of Kalamazoo’s citizens who can partake in low and no cost programs.

Consider the impact you could have maintaining the opulent and unashamedly wild landscape through which walking and running trails weave and wander. Tending to Kalamazoo’s parks requires a level of artistry and attention to detail fueled by an affinity for the outdoors and the city.

Be the mechanism by which the lives of people are adorned with a little bit of nature and a whole lot of sunshine.

If this sounds like a labor of passion and love, you’re right and Kalamazoo’s Parks and Recreation wants a person like you to become a part of the city’s beating heart.

Come work while you play and be a part of something wonderful.

Current Job Openings:

We are currently not hiring, please check back in spring as we prepare for the summer.