Who Should Attend:
  • families
  • kids
  • kids-6-10

Safe Halloween Presented by Kellogg Community Credit Union is a FREE family friendly event that provides an alternative to trick-or-treating in a safe and action-packed environment. We will have pumpkin carving demonstrations, costume contests, pumpkin racing, and fall themed games. We will also be giving away limited amounts of complimentary cider, donuts and candy. Food will also be available for purchase via food trucks.

2017 Safe Halloween Event Pictures, Family Photo Contest, Individual Photo Contest 

Pumpkin Racing Rules:

pumpkin car building rules

instructions on how to build a pumpkin racer (1)


Costume Contest Rules:

  1. Bring your kids (or entire family) to Safe Halloween in their best costume
  2. A Volunteer will take their picture at the costume contest back drop
  3. Pictures will be posted on the Kzoo Parks Facebook Page in two categories – Family and Individual
  4. The pictures with the most likes will be the winners – we have first, second, and third place prizes for Family and Individual pictures.  (Cannot win prizes in both categories)

Safe Halloween Presented by: